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Knieves by bombelina

don't ask I had just felt like doodling that :3
Nagisa Rei Highholt Ref by bombelina
Nagisa Rei Highholt Ref

Just you know I may have some grammatical mistakes in it cause English is not my mother language :'''3 (And I write kind of weird xD) 

Name]: Nagisa Rei
Age ]: 17
Species ]: Caracal 
Birthday ]: 7 December
Gender ]: female
Pronouns ]: She/her
Sexual Orientation ]: Pansexual
Romantic Orientation ]: Panromantic

Personality ]: 
She is not emotionless!
She may look kind of grumpy but actually she is a very kind and gentle if you get to know her and she is also really loyal to those who she respect and cares about.
She just don't like to show her emotions to people she don't know. (So she sometimes looks really mysterious and cold to other people)
Likes + Dislikes ]: 

Her own space
flowers (any kind)
cold/rainy weather 

- Loud noises
- Conflict
- DOESN'T MIND if somebody give her a job or command her ones but just don't over do it

Hobbies ]: 
-sharping making knives/swords (secretly)
-lying in flower fields ('cause in Everfall their never really were flowers)
-training different fight styles 

all the knives and small swords she make or wanted to bring with her were confiscated
but How you may already have seen she hide knives under her little cape thing
Its because she was taught to have a weapon besides her (But don't worry she never hurt somebody even if somebody would piss her off she never used it to harm somebody just for scaring)
So she make them secretly

Hometown ]: Everfall
Backstory ]:
She was born in big family of 
weapon smiths.
Who sold them and used them their self.
Her family was quit rich so actually she lived happily their!
when Nagisa went  to  school she was quit the popular one (She was popular in the way that her family was 
weapon smiths and because she always wear something unusual and cute) but when the school started to talk about puberty and such (Always just boy and girl) Nagisa was quit confused by it and said "It doesn't matter which gender you are if you love that person right?" So that when it happens after less then 4 days the whole school saw Nagisa as the sexuality blind girl after not a long time the teacher heard about it so they called out her father.
So after that their was a long talk about it but still Nagisa did not change anything in her motive that you can love everybody.
Her father got her out of the school so she was trained and teached by her older brother and father,the whole family was quite confused something like that never happened before (the family thought maybe because she never had a mother) she never knew who her mother was but still she never felt like she lost sometimes.
After that people slowly forgot the incident she reached the age of 15, her father and brother were quite busy 
they were the closest ones to her ( even tho she had a huge family with aunts,uncles, cousins etc)  so she looked after herself and never really tried to make friends or get well with the other part of her family 
so people who lived in her area and family gave her the nickname *
lone wolf* (she did not mind it even if people would call her like that now)
After she was 16 she got a book it was filled with nature facts and other stuff that Everfalls did not had
she wanted to see whats out side their.

So the day came when she turned 17 they wanted to take Nagisa 
The whole family refused they even wanted to take a fight but Nagisa was fine with it she said i would be better if I go I wont be trouble anymore and I think I will feel better myself please let me go (Wasn't that what she wanted, she wanted to see the world outside those mountains)... So it was settled, they let her go

It was still hard to leave, it was still the place were she was born and lived her 17 years ... the cold snowy days the beautiful view the hot springs "I will miss it, but I need a fresh start"

Roleplay Example ]: 

Nagisa entered the train. It smelled so new and unfamiliar ,that was a good sight that it would be a good new start in her life.
Still the train had so much new faces some were exited but some were sad and exhausted.
Nagisa knew it would be better if she still stays the so called "lone wolf" who she was (//But wasn't that a new start , at least try to find some "buddys" eeee it even sounds kind of wierd :'<//)
As the train started to roll Nagisa took a place at the window.


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